Religion or relationship?

From reading The Shack something I learned is God does not want to be put at the top of our list. Yes, I did just say that. God doesn't want us to put Him in as a "routine" thing. When we spend time with Him it shouldn't be because we "have" to but because we WANT to. He wants to be at the center of our lives. In everything that we do, He should be reflected through it all.

It's crazy that the things I didn't think were religion but relationship- are in fact religion. I thought that God wanted me to put Him at the top of my list which I guess in a way He does, but He doesn't want me to pencil Him in like He has to find a way to fit into my schedule. He desires for me to drop some things so I can be with Him and love on Him as He loves on me and that is what I desire to do as well. :)

Jesus has such a passion and love for you. You are a child of God. You are HIS CHILD. Nobody can EVER take that away from you and no one can ever take away His love for you! He just wants to be with you. He wants to love you and whisper truths into your ear. If you will allow Him, He will change your life. He has totally changed my life and I am in complete awe of all the changes He has helped me make and all the things He has helped overcome in life. He is just so incredible Awesome! I pray you know that and that you grow in His love for you this Sunday. Take some time to just relax today and let Him have your heart. Love y'all!! Stay blessed!


  1. I just wanted to let you know how inspirational your blog is. I said the prayer you have on the right side and wanted to thank you. I've always strived to be closer to Jesus and I feel I am taking steps toward that everyday. Thank you!!!

  2. Hey ran95, that is Awesome!! Well, it's all Jesus that makes it inspirational. :) Let me know if you need anything. Any questions or whatnot, just let me know. I'll try and answer them the best I can. :) I will be praying for you, dear sister in Jesus!! love and blessings to you!


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