Restraining Myself

"I have restrained my feet from every evil way, that I may keep Your Word." Psalm 119:101

I read Psalm 119 this morning, which is a really beautiful chapter of Scripture and if you haven't read it, take some time today to read it in one sitting and allow God to open your heart to His Word. And the verse above is one (of many) that really stuck out to me. I could feel the Lord speaking to my heart through it. I was thinking and a question that popped into my head was, when have I restrained myself in order to keep the Lord's Word and do His will? I mean, really thinking about that I'm not sure I ever have.

However that is changing thanks to the Awesome God I serve!! I desire to restrain myself in order that I keep and follow Him and His Word. That is a calling on each and every one of our lives. And really it shows when you physically restrain, hold yourself back, in order to follow God with your whole heart and life. That's what I want - to follow God with my whole heart and life and hold myself back and give things up in order to keep His Word. That is a true desire of my heart. It is what I want to do.

These are just some thoughts I had this morning. Have a blessed, happy Monday!!! Jesus loves you so much!!!!

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  1. Psalm 119:101 is so powerful and I think every follower of Christ needs to have it in their mind and meditate upon all the time.

    To me, this verse guides our heart from the things of the world that could tempt us and lead us to sin.

    Thanks for the post and I pray God will help and be with you in your walk with Him.

    Stay bless.


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