Spending Myself

"And I will very gladly spend and be spent for your souls; though the more abundantly I love you, the less I am loved." 2 Corinthians 12:15

I read this verse this morning. I really haven't noticed it before. Maybe that's because I was rushing through it the last time I read it or something. But this morning God showed it to me. And He also spoke a few things to my heart through it. I think what Paul is saying in this verse is something that I should do as well. No, it is something I should BE as well.

Paul had a heart that gave as much as it possibly could everyday. His life reflected that. He tells us in the verse above that he GLADLY will spend and be spent for other people's souls. I have to ask myself the question, will I gladly spend and be spent for other people's souls? It's really not even a thing of spending myself for other people's souls because that can be done, the emphasis comes on whether I will be glad doing it. If I am not happy doing it then I probably won't be doing the best I can I will probably just do what I "have" to to get by. And I don't want to do that.

I want to be happy doing God's will and pouring myself into people's lives to show them the love of Christ. That's my purpose. That's how I choose to live. There is so much more to life out there than just living for myself. I know what the "more" part is. Its Jesus and His dying on the Cross so we could all live and be in a relationship with Him.

I truly will be glad and spend and be spent for other's souls. Have a blessed day!! Jesus loves YOU!

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  1. he is saying that he will galdly do it but the other important part is as he spends himself for the people in the bible they care less and less about him.

    and thats what tends to happen. we know someone loves us soo much and we feel that we can just continue our lives without reciprocating that gesture and without acknowledging it either.


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