Forget What I Look Like?!

"Anyone who listens to the Word but does not do what it says is like a man who looks at his face in the mirror and, after looking at himself, goes away and immediately forgets what he looks like." James 1:23-24

I literally laughed out loud when I read that verse. Not making fun of it, but just because it seems funny to me that someone would forget what they look like after just looking at themselves. Really thinking about it though, I realized just how extremely true that is. If I'm not taking God's Word seriously, if I'm not putting it to practice every single day, then it is just as silly... possibly even stupid, as if I look at myself in the mirror and forget what I look like.

I love how God's Word is so alive. It's like one day I think, Lord, Your Word is so hard to grasp and I don't understand it. And then one day I read a passage like the verses above and it's like a kick in the butt to not buy into the "God's Word doesn't make any sense. He made for people 2,000 years ago, it's not relevant today." because it totally is relevant to every body's lives'. Not just mine. Not just yours. But EVERY BODY'S!!!! That why our God is so Awesome and Incredible because He gets each one of us individually and doesn't forget any one of us. I am in awe of that. Just the fact that God could be so amazingly Powerful and Holy. These days people almost forget the holiness of our Savior and place into other categories. Sure, Jesus can be your best Friend. He is mine, but you mustn't forget that He is still a King and Lord. He shouldn't be taken down to our level of mind. He is far greater than we are and that is why we love Him and live for Him. Because really, would you live for someone who has all the things you do? Who has all the same type of talents you do? Maybe. More than likely though, you wouldn't. I wouldn't. We have such a great need for a Savior. He has made special needs in our lives that only He can fill because if other people could fill those needs we would forget all about Him.

God has been showing different things the past week and I am loving it and dis-liking it all at the same time. When the Lord shows me things that are hard to grasp or difficult to swallow, I don't like it, but I know that the hard things are the things I need to take in the most. It's hard, but beautiful all at the same time. That's kind of the way I think of my life as a Christian. To be a follower of Jesus is hard, but beautiful all at the same time.

These are the things the Lord has been teaching me and I pray they speak to your heart as they have mine. Don't forget what you look like. Hold onto it. I love you all!!!! Have a wonderfully blessed weekend!


Happy Thanksgiving!!!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! Spend some time with your family and appreciate the things you have. I am thankful for a crazy, but loving family, a faithful God and so much more. With out Him I would have nothing. I love y'all!!!!!!!!


Learning Season...

Right now I am in a season of learning. I am learning to be content with what I have and where I am and yet still have hopes and dreams and know that the Big God I serve can allow them to come to pass. I am learning to pray constantly and consistently as 1 Thessalonians 5:17 says. I am learning how to deal with things that are out of my hands that I cannot control.

My brain and heart are processing so much right now and it's really good and hard and there are a lot of tears right now and a lot of heart ache, but I know that the great and mighty God I serve will take care of me. I just need it to sink a little deeper into my heart.

So during this season I will stand firm on the Word of God and know that in time it will all pass and I will be stronger in Him for it. Stay blessed, you guys!!!

Cool Shirt $ale!!!!

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Beyond Jabez

I read a wonderful book this past week by Bruce Wilkinson. It's called 'Beyond Jabez'. I read the first book which is "The Prayer of Jabez" and I highly recommend it, but this book explains it all the more further and has a few stories on how God has enlarged people's territories through this prayer.

God has big tasks and even bigger plans for all of us and if we believe that He will accomplish what He wants to accomplish through us, it will happen. All that is in God's big plan for you and for me can be brought about, but if we don't believe our God is as big as He truly is then, nothing will come from that. That is something very simple and basic, yet it is something that I am currently learning.

I want to encourage you to get this book because it will really help you to put your faith in action and to believe that God can and will do GREAT things in each of our lives according to His plan for us. Stay blessed!!!


Myself or Him?

"They say so much to just be yourself...but myself is so selfish! Why not more focus on being who Jesus is in you??" - Sarah Barlow

The above quote was from Sarah Barlow on twitter. If you want to check out her blog it is: http://sarahannephotography.blogspot.com/

I love what she said. Right after I read it I immediately agreed. People always say, "just be yourself." or "don't let people tell you who you are, just be you." but if I really am myself then chances are I'm going to be selfish, mean, envying the things I see, and so much more. Why not focus more on Jesus in me and who HE desires for me to be. I mean there is something none of us can change and that is that we are sinners. We were born into sin, and whether we want it to be that way or not, it is the way it is. We can't change it, but we can allow Jesus to change us and begin living in us and living through us.

I will always be a sinner. Probably because if I weren't I probably would have no need for a Savior. There is no way in the world to change the fact that I am a sinner and that I fail God all the time. That is my real self. But if I allow Jesus, to live in me and through me, then maybe my second self can be Him in me. I'm not sure, maybe not, but I know that I can at least try and let my second self be Him in me.

How about you? Are you gonna be yourself, or let it be God in you that shines through it all? Have a blessed weekend! Jesus loves you so much!!!!!!!


Three Years...

Today marks three years that I have been saved. Wow. This is such a special day to me because it is one of the many days that I can REALLY thank my Savior for opening my eyes to see what I needed to. This has been one of the most amazing journey's of my life and I honestly can say that I do not regret choosing God over myself and others. There have been happy tears as well as sad ones and angry ones, but through it all I have been strengthened to some degree and learned more and more how to rely on my Lord and trust Him. Being a Christian is a never ending journey and I love it. The Bible never says that it will be easy, but it does say God will be with us all the way. We can put our bottom dollar on that!!

Some of the things I have learned through the past 3 years is...
1) I don't have all the answers and that's okay.
2) Crying doesn't make you weak.
3) Trusting in God completely might be scary, but it's the right choice.
4) I can't put a mask or front on before God. He sees right through it.

Those are just some the high points, but there are many other things the Lord has taught me and shown me. If you don't have that personal relationship with God, I strongly urge you to start one. He will change your life. Maybe that is why you don't have one already and maybe it's not. Just please think about it, because God will rock your world in so many different ways you won't be able to tell everybody about them all. If you are interested in one, pray the prayer on the side of my blog (in pink) and then leave me a comment so I can pray for you. If you aren't sure, leave me a comment and maybe I can help you through it.

I love you all!!!! May God shower blessings on you!


To the Vets and Soldiers...

Happy Veterans Day!! I want to take a few minutes and thank all the veterans and soldiers out there. You guys are incredible and I am so so thankful for everything that you do. Fighting for our freedom so bravely. I admire what you guys do so much because I know that I am too big of a chicken to go out there and do it myself! ha ha Just want y'all to know that we as Americans appreciate all that you do and pray for you and your families every day. We love you all!!

If you will today, just take some time out and pray for our soldiers. They are doing something that very few of us can and we need to show our support to them. Pray for them and their families as will I today and every day.

As many of you know a week tomorrow will mark one week of the horrific shooting at Fort Hood. If you don't what happened, a man started shooting there and killed 13 people along with an unborn baby (which really makes it 14 dead) and injured 30 others. It saddens me that someone would do that, but I rest assured that justice will be served. I was watching the memorial yesterday and couldn't help but cry. Especially when they did the role call and the people that are dead couldn't say "Here." because they aren't there. So sad. So please take out some time today to pray for these families as well as they are grieving over their loved ones.

These brave men and women who serve our country are true hero's and deserve more than just one day of remembrance, but for now we celebrate all of them out there, who are just really amazing people. Thank you, soldiers, for answering the call God gave you. I love every one of you as does Jesus!!!!! Stay blessed!


Stranded on an Island

Last night I was trying to get to sleep but a question kept in my mind that finally I had to think about. The question...
What if I was stuck on an island with nothing but my Bible and water?

Many other questions came to me after that one,
Would I trust in God to provide for me? Would I simply trust in Him? What would my attitude be? What would my heart be like?

These questions are ones that won't get answered unless I was stranded on an island, but still I want my attitude and heart and life to be as though I am stranded somewhere and all I have is God and His Word. Maybe this seems silly to you, but really I am serious about this. I want to establish that kind of trust with Him that no one and nothing could shake is what I desire to have with the Lord. I believe in order to have that kind of relationship and trust with Him I have to put effort in. The main thing being that I wouldn't try to control anything, but give it all up to Him. That would be what I need to do.

What about you? If you were stranded on island with nothing but your Bible and some water (and God of course ;) what would your attitude be? Would you trust Him?

We as people have got to stop trying to control everything. Some things just cannot be controled no matter how hard you try. Instead of being angered or sad that you can't control some things count it a blessing that you have a God who controls the heavens and the earth, and that we can put total trust and hope in Him. We were meant to rely on the One who created us along with the few special people He placed in our lives.

I pray today that you and I find the answers to the questions above, not that we are stuck on an island, but that we have an attitude as if we were stranded we would/will have an attitude and a heart for the Lord and that our full trust would be placed in Him and that our full heart and life would be placed in Him as well. Love you all and stay blessed!!


Humble Me

"Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and He will lift you up." James 4:10

This is my verse for the week. Right now I am really trying to let it sink into my life and heart. Sometimes it is so hard to be humble. Especially when everything around us - TV, Internet, music, books, etc., tells us that we are great and make the world a better place and... blah blah blah. It isn't true though. I mean, yes you are fearfully and wonderfully made, the Word of God says that (check out Psalm 139), but we aren't meant to live as though the world revolves around us. It revolves around Him and when we realize that and live like that, then we can be lifted up by Jesus.

I struggle a lot sometimes with being humble and making sure that I know that everything is about Him. It isn't easy, for sure. That is why I am so glad to have an understanding God who will walk hand in hand with me (and you) and help me get through the struggles and trials that I face every single day. I can trust that Jesus has my back and that when everything tells me something different, He has the ultimate say so in my life. That is why I am not of this world, because the world tells us to "go with the flow" and "be your ultimate power" but the Bible says to draw near to God and He will draw near to us. To let Him define us and to trust in Him with all our heart and not lean on our own understanding. When we trust in Him, when we humble ourselves and let Him be God, to say we are blessed is an under statement. Blessings really don't have to physically be something in my opinion. A blessing can simply be an attitude change or an understanding of something that is hard to grasp. Those are blessings to me.

Anyway, I wanted to invite you to use this as your verse for the week and live it. It won't be easy, but God never said that life would be easy. But He did say that He will go through everything with us and that we have nothing to fear. I am going to try and live it as best as I can. If I fail today, I will pick it back up tomorrow and try harder. He is a forgiving God. Jesus, humble me. I love you all! Stay blessed!!!



I just finshed an amazing book by Matt Redman called 'Facedown'. In it Matt talks about worship and how when we have a true worship experience we fall facedown and come to the realization of how Awesome our God is. He explains how worship has gotten weakened by some and how we can get back to where we are like the angels in Heaven, rejoicing and singing before the Lord all day.

There are many quotes in this book that caught my eye and might catch yours as well. I suggest you get this book because it has the potential to change some of your views, through God, of what real and true worship is. It ceratainly has changed my views in some things and opened my eyes a good bit. Reading it has been a major blessing to my life and heart.

I love you all and have a blessed weekend!!! =)


Man or God? Both!

Something I have been learning for the past few days is that I have a partial view of Jesus and that having a partial view is having a distorted view of Him. What I have learned is that sometimes I can get so attached to the 'Man' Jesus that I forget about the God part of Jesus. I forget about all of His power and might and instead focus more on the Jesus that walked the earth and faced the same things I face. There is something wrong when all you think of when you think of Jesus is a man. Because while physically He was a man, inside He is God. Probably this is nothing new to you, but part of it was new to me.

You can't simply think Cross without thinking of Crown, when speaking of Jesus. Because while He took our sin on and brought us forgiveness, He also is sitting on the throne right next to His Father. Jesus is Great, Mighty, Wonderful. He is far too great for me to fit Him inside of my little mold. I can't fit Him inside of my mold, regardless of how hard I try because He is TOO GREAT! I am really speaking to myself more than I am you in this post simply because it is something that I really want deep within my heart to know.

The names of Jesus in the Bible are really amazing to help us all understand the God part of Him and not just the man part of Him. Here are some of His names -
Wonderful Counselor,
Alpha and Omega,
The Beginning and the End,
Mighty Warrior,
Prince of Peace,
Everlasting Light,

Today I am going to meditate on the whole Jesus, not just part. Have a wonderful weekend!!!


One Year

Wow! I cannot believe it, but this month marks my one year blog-o-versary! One year I have had this blog and one year of many blessings, trials, and love.

I want to thank you, my wonderful readers, for being amazing. I have been blessed by y'all so much, you don't even know. Through this blog I have had the opportunity to read some of the most amazing blogs. I have also had the opportunity to share what the Lord has been teaching me and experiences I have had through this blog.

God, thank You for blessing me with this blog and for the people I have encountered through it. I pray for many more years of posting and loving on people, which is what You have called me to do. I love You.

Love you all and have a blessed day!!!

Life is a Prize

"... but your life shall be as a prize to you..." - Jeremiah 39:18

If you have been watching the news at all, then chances are you have seen something about this case. Three girls went for a drive (possibly to look at stars) and somehow they went off the road and into lake. They were found dead yesterday. My heart breaks for these girls and their families. They were in their twenties (one just barely in hers) and had all of life before them and then their lives are just gone. It's amazing how things can really affect you, because the first thing I thought of this morning was them. I thought about their lives, their families and friends left behind, and the hurt that must be lingering between all of them. It so horrific and sad.
I thought the verse from Jeremiah fit well because life really shouldn't be taken lightly, like you have a "right" to be here, because all in all you never know when your life may end. I mean this has just messed me up because it has gotten me thinking about things that aren't really fun or nice to think about. At first I tried blocking the thoughts, but then I realized that God is trying to speak to me and let me know that while this might now happen to me, life is such a precious gift and it is meant to be lived in Him and to the fullest. I have taken my life for granted and I no longer want to do that. Through God and the lives of these beautiful young women I have learned that.
Don't take your life for granted. Go out and do what you think you can't and tell people about the love of Jesus Christ. Today, I hope you will join me in prayer for the families and friends and teammates of these 3 young women. That they will let God be their strength.
RIP Kyrstin Gemar, Afton Williamson, and Ashley Neufeld. God bless!


Does Anybody Care Anymore?

Something very important I have learned this past day and a half. That is that not many people care anymore, especially for human beings. These days it seems all people care for is money and lots of it. That saddens me because that is not how God intends for us as human beings to relate to one another. The most relation people have now is having sex with a random soul and then moving on.

Why is that? Why don't people care like they used to? I think it how something to do with the fact that our culture has lowered the bar for us as humans and instead of raising it to the standards God has for us, we have pretty much just accepted the "standards" the world has set.

And though much of the world doesn't care anymore, there are amazing people like my friends and family and you. :) If you didn't care you probably wouldn't be here reading this blog. And for that I thank you (for caring and for reading my blog :) because it is leaders like yourself and I that through the power of Jesus Christ we can change the world a little bit at a time. I can sit here and point out all the faults of the world and all the things that I dislike or wish were different, but until I get to the point where I choose to be the change that I wish to see, none of it will even matter.

So from today on I choose to care. I choose to love. Why? Because I am called to do so and it is what I want to do. I choose to BE the change I seek in this world and by that people will know the Lord through me. What about you? Will you do the same? I pray you will. love y'all!!

I leave you with these words that Shaun Alexander placed on his twitter page earlier today,

"Never give up on people. Love covers all things. Love turns people into champions.Love gives people vision & hope. Love changes lives forever!"


What Does It Mean?

I have just started doing verse's of the week. I just find a verse that speaks to my heart (usually the Lord points it out to me) and then I read every morning when I wake up and right before I go to sleep. This weeks is...

"You are my hiding place and my shield; I hope in Your word." - Psalm 119:114

"Hiding place. What does that mean? Does it mean that You, Jesus are the One I share all my secrets with and keep all my treasures hidden in? Or does it mean that You are the One I run to when I am afraid?"

Well actually it is both. The Lord is our hiding place in both meanings as in the One we store all our treasures in as well as being the One we run to, not just when we are scared, but all the time.

I really like that verse from Psalm 119 because it really is teaching me to put my trust in Jesus. So often I think I am trusting Jesus. I think I am letting Him lead the way and be in the "Drivers seat" if you will, but then I realize that I am planning everything out in my head still. It's like I am saying, "Yes, Lord, You can lead me, but right now I need to do this so after this I'll let You lead my fully." And so this week is really a time for me to just lay my total life in His hands completely, this time. And allow the Lord to my hiding place, my shield, and have hope in His Word.

Which really thinking about it, is another thing that I have failed to do totally, that being that I haven't fully hoped in the Word of God. Why? Because life has given me situations (I'm sure yours has too) that have been extremely hopeless and I have forgotten God promises at times and forgotten the mightiness of my Savior!!!! But that is the truth straight from His Word, that He IS MIGHTY and that HE CAN deliver us all from every situation that could be created. WE just have to have HOPE in Him!

This is what I have been learning. Have a wonderfully blessed week! love you guys!!


You Fail Us NOT

The song below, I love. It is one that I have been worshiping to this past week. It is just so true and speaks straight from the heart and from the Truth in the Word of God. I wanted to share the lyrics with you and hope that they speak straight to you!!! Love y'all!! Happy November!!

Fail Us Not - 1000 Generations
Failure doesn't phase you.

Worry doesn't win.
Lost doesn't leave you afraid to start again.
Our sin doesn't shock you.
Our shame doesn't shame you at all.
Mistakes do not move you.
Terror doesn't tame.
Death doesn't doom you to life in the grave.
Our suffering doesn't scare you.
Our secrets won't surprise you at all.
At all.
There is nothing above you.
There is nothing beyond you.
There is nothing that you can't do.
Whatever will come, we'll rise above.
You fail us not, You fail us not.
No matter the war, our hope is secure.
You fail us not, You fail us not.
You fail us not.
Hatred doesn't hide you.
Evil doesn't ail.
Despair can't disguise you and tell you that you fail.
Our doubt doesn't daunt you.
Our darkness won't defeat you at all.
At all.
There is nothing above you.
There is nothing beyond you.
There is nothing that you can't do.
Whatever will come, we'll rise above.
You fail us not, You fail us not.
No matter the war, our hope is secure.
You fail us not, You fail us not.
Whatever will come, we'll rise above.
You fail us not, You fail us not.
No, You fail us not.
You fail us not