Beyond Jabez

I read a wonderful book this past week by Bruce Wilkinson. It's called 'Beyond Jabez'. I read the first book which is "The Prayer of Jabez" and I highly recommend it, but this book explains it all the more further and has a few stories on how God has enlarged people's territories through this prayer.

God has big tasks and even bigger plans for all of us and if we believe that He will accomplish what He wants to accomplish through us, it will happen. All that is in God's big plan for you and for me can be brought about, but if we don't believe our God is as big as He truly is then, nothing will come from that. That is something very simple and basic, yet it is something that I am currently learning.

I want to encourage you to get this book because it will really help you to put your faith in action and to believe that God can and will do GREAT things in each of our lives according to His plan for us. Stay blessed!!!


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