Does Anybody Care Anymore?

Something very important I have learned this past day and a half. That is that not many people care anymore, especially for human beings. These days it seems all people care for is money and lots of it. That saddens me because that is not how God intends for us as human beings to relate to one another. The most relation people have now is having sex with a random soul and then moving on.

Why is that? Why don't people care like they used to? I think it how something to do with the fact that our culture has lowered the bar for us as humans and instead of raising it to the standards God has for us, we have pretty much just accepted the "standards" the world has set.

And though much of the world doesn't care anymore, there are amazing people like my friends and family and you. :) If you didn't care you probably wouldn't be here reading this blog. And for that I thank you (for caring and for reading my blog :) because it is leaders like yourself and I that through the power of Jesus Christ we can change the world a little bit at a time. I can sit here and point out all the faults of the world and all the things that I dislike or wish were different, but until I get to the point where I choose to be the change that I wish to see, none of it will even matter.

So from today on I choose to care. I choose to love. Why? Because I am called to do so and it is what I want to do. I choose to BE the change I seek in this world and by that people will know the Lord through me. What about you? Will you do the same? I pray you will. love y'all!!

I leave you with these words that Shaun Alexander placed on his twitter page earlier today,

"Never give up on people. Love covers all things. Love turns people into champions.Love gives people vision & hope. Love changes lives forever!"

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