I just finshed an amazing book by Matt Redman called 'Facedown'. In it Matt talks about worship and how when we have a true worship experience we fall facedown and come to the realization of how Awesome our God is. He explains how worship has gotten weakened by some and how we can get back to where we are like the angels in Heaven, rejoicing and singing before the Lord all day.

There are many quotes in this book that caught my eye and might catch yours as well. I suggest you get this book because it has the potential to change some of your views, through God, of what real and true worship is. It ceratainly has changed my views in some things and opened my eyes a good bit. Reading it has been a major blessing to my life and heart.

I love you all and have a blessed weekend!!! =)


  1. I heard that book was good ;) thanks for letting us know about it ;)

    Thanks for your sweet comment

  2. He was a guest on our show this past Friday. He's a great guy! Great book, too. :)

    Hope you have an A-MAZING week! ;)


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