Forget What I Look Like?!

"Anyone who listens to the Word but does not do what it says is like a man who looks at his face in the mirror and, after looking at himself, goes away and immediately forgets what he looks like." James 1:23-24

I literally laughed out loud when I read that verse. Not making fun of it, but just because it seems funny to me that someone would forget what they look like after just looking at themselves. Really thinking about it though, I realized just how extremely true that is. If I'm not taking God's Word seriously, if I'm not putting it to practice every single day, then it is just as silly... possibly even stupid, as if I look at myself in the mirror and forget what I look like.

I love how God's Word is so alive. It's like one day I think, Lord, Your Word is so hard to grasp and I don't understand it. And then one day I read a passage like the verses above and it's like a kick in the butt to not buy into the "God's Word doesn't make any sense. He made for people 2,000 years ago, it's not relevant today." because it totally is relevant to every body's lives'. Not just mine. Not just yours. But EVERY BODY'S!!!! That why our God is so Awesome and Incredible because He gets each one of us individually and doesn't forget any one of us. I am in awe of that. Just the fact that God could be so amazingly Powerful and Holy. These days people almost forget the holiness of our Savior and place into other categories. Sure, Jesus can be your best Friend. He is mine, but you mustn't forget that He is still a King and Lord. He shouldn't be taken down to our level of mind. He is far greater than we are and that is why we love Him and live for Him. Because really, would you live for someone who has all the things you do? Who has all the same type of talents you do? Maybe. More than likely though, you wouldn't. I wouldn't. We have such a great need for a Savior. He has made special needs in our lives that only He can fill because if other people could fill those needs we would forget all about Him.

God has been showing different things the past week and I am loving it and dis-liking it all at the same time. When the Lord shows me things that are hard to grasp or difficult to swallow, I don't like it, but I know that the hard things are the things I need to take in the most. It's hard, but beautiful all at the same time. That's kind of the way I think of my life as a Christian. To be a follower of Jesus is hard, but beautiful all at the same time.

These are the things the Lord has been teaching me and I pray they speak to your heart as they have mine. Don't forget what you look like. Hold onto it. I love you all!!!! Have a wonderfully blessed weekend!

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  1. i love this. so true! and I laughed with you at the beginning! never thought of it this way before! thanks!


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