Life is a Prize

"... but your life shall be as a prize to you..." - Jeremiah 39:18

If you have been watching the news at all, then chances are you have seen something about this case. Three girls went for a drive (possibly to look at stars) and somehow they went off the road and into lake. They were found dead yesterday. My heart breaks for these girls and their families. They were in their twenties (one just barely in hers) and had all of life before them and then their lives are just gone. It's amazing how things can really affect you, because the first thing I thought of this morning was them. I thought about their lives, their families and friends left behind, and the hurt that must be lingering between all of them. It so horrific and sad.
I thought the verse from Jeremiah fit well because life really shouldn't be taken lightly, like you have a "right" to be here, because all in all you never know when your life may end. I mean this has just messed me up because it has gotten me thinking about things that aren't really fun or nice to think about. At first I tried blocking the thoughts, but then I realized that God is trying to speak to me and let me know that while this might now happen to me, life is such a precious gift and it is meant to be lived in Him and to the fullest. I have taken my life for granted and I no longer want to do that. Through God and the lives of these beautiful young women I have learned that.
Don't take your life for granted. Go out and do what you think you can't and tell people about the love of Jesus Christ. Today, I hope you will join me in prayer for the families and friends and teammates of these 3 young women. That they will let God be their strength.
RIP Kyrstin Gemar, Afton Williamson, and Ashley Neufeld. God bless!


  1. Great post. I hadn't heard the news about their disappearance until last night when I read about their bodies being discovered in that lake... made me cry. My heart broke as well, for the situation and for their families. Wow...

  2. Hey,
    I just started following your blog today. This post reminds me of somthing Matt Pitt from the basement said. I was watching the basement last weekend and he talked about a true life story about a guy who was a drugg addict, came up to Matt in a panick asking him to go through the sinners prayer with him coz he wanted to make sure he was saved...few moments later after they went through the prayer, he left and was driving off, as he drove off he got into a car accident and died! ....our life is really not our own. Imagine if he hadnt of given his life to God then and there?!


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