Man or God? Both!

Something I have been learning for the past few days is that I have a partial view of Jesus and that having a partial view is having a distorted view of Him. What I have learned is that sometimes I can get so attached to the 'Man' Jesus that I forget about the God part of Jesus. I forget about all of His power and might and instead focus more on the Jesus that walked the earth and faced the same things I face. There is something wrong when all you think of when you think of Jesus is a man. Because while physically He was a man, inside He is God. Probably this is nothing new to you, but part of it was new to me.

You can't simply think Cross without thinking of Crown, when speaking of Jesus. Because while He took our sin on and brought us forgiveness, He also is sitting on the throne right next to His Father. Jesus is Great, Mighty, Wonderful. He is far too great for me to fit Him inside of my little mold. I can't fit Him inside of my mold, regardless of how hard I try because He is TOO GREAT! I am really speaking to myself more than I am you in this post simply because it is something that I really want deep within my heart to know.

The names of Jesus in the Bible are really amazing to help us all understand the God part of Him and not just the man part of Him. Here are some of His names -
Wonderful Counselor,
Alpha and Omega,
The Beginning and the End,
Mighty Warrior,
Prince of Peace,
Everlasting Light,

Today I am going to meditate on the whole Jesus, not just part. Have a wonderful weekend!!!

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