Stranded on an Island

Last night I was trying to get to sleep but a question kept in my mind that finally I had to think about. The question...
What if I was stuck on an island with nothing but my Bible and water?

Many other questions came to me after that one,
Would I trust in God to provide for me? Would I simply trust in Him? What would my attitude be? What would my heart be like?

These questions are ones that won't get answered unless I was stranded on an island, but still I want my attitude and heart and life to be as though I am stranded somewhere and all I have is God and His Word. Maybe this seems silly to you, but really I am serious about this. I want to establish that kind of trust with Him that no one and nothing could shake is what I desire to have with the Lord. I believe in order to have that kind of relationship and trust with Him I have to put effort in. The main thing being that I wouldn't try to control anything, but give it all up to Him. That would be what I need to do.

What about you? If you were stranded on island with nothing but your Bible and some water (and God of course ;) what would your attitude be? Would you trust Him?

We as people have got to stop trying to control everything. Some things just cannot be controled no matter how hard you try. Instead of being angered or sad that you can't control some things count it a blessing that you have a God who controls the heavens and the earth, and that we can put total trust and hope in Him. We were meant to rely on the One who created us along with the few special people He placed in our lives.

I pray today that you and I find the answers to the questions above, not that we are stuck on an island, but that we have an attitude as if we were stranded we would/will have an attitude and a heart for the Lord and that our full trust would be placed in Him and that our full heart and life would be placed in Him as well. Love you all and stay blessed!!


  1. Thank you for your comments! I look forward to them everyday. God uses you to cheer me up. thank you.

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  3. food for thought indeed...
    u really r different from alot of ppl


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