Three Years...

Today marks three years that I have been saved. Wow. This is such a special day to me because it is one of the many days that I can REALLY thank my Savior for opening my eyes to see what I needed to. This has been one of the most amazing journey's of my life and I honestly can say that I do not regret choosing God over myself and others. There have been happy tears as well as sad ones and angry ones, but through it all I have been strengthened to some degree and learned more and more how to rely on my Lord and trust Him. Being a Christian is a never ending journey and I love it. The Bible never says that it will be easy, but it does say God will be with us all the way. We can put our bottom dollar on that!!

Some of the things I have learned through the past 3 years is...
1) I don't have all the answers and that's okay.
2) Crying doesn't make you weak.
3) Trusting in God completely might be scary, but it's the right choice.
4) I can't put a mask or front on before God. He sees right through it.

Those are just some the high points, but there are many other things the Lord has taught me and shown me. If you don't have that personal relationship with God, I strongly urge you to start one. He will change your life. Maybe that is why you don't have one already and maybe it's not. Just please think about it, because God will rock your world in so many different ways you won't be able to tell everybody about them all. If you are interested in one, pray the prayer on the side of my blog (in pink) and then leave me a comment so I can pray for you. If you aren't sure, leave me a comment and maybe I can help you through it.

I love you all!!!! May God shower blessings on you!

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