To the Vets and Soldiers...

Happy Veterans Day!! I want to take a few minutes and thank all the veterans and soldiers out there. You guys are incredible and I am so so thankful for everything that you do. Fighting for our freedom so bravely. I admire what you guys do so much because I know that I am too big of a chicken to go out there and do it myself! ha ha Just want y'all to know that we as Americans appreciate all that you do and pray for you and your families every day. We love you all!!

If you will today, just take some time out and pray for our soldiers. They are doing something that very few of us can and we need to show our support to them. Pray for them and their families as will I today and every day.

As many of you know a week tomorrow will mark one week of the horrific shooting at Fort Hood. If you don't what happened, a man started shooting there and killed 13 people along with an unborn baby (which really makes it 14 dead) and injured 30 others. It saddens me that someone would do that, but I rest assured that justice will be served. I was watching the memorial yesterday and couldn't help but cry. Especially when they did the role call and the people that are dead couldn't say "Here." because they aren't there. So sad. So please take out some time today to pray for these families as well as they are grieving over their loved ones.

These brave men and women who serve our country are true hero's and deserve more than just one day of remembrance, but for now we celebrate all of them out there, who are just really amazing people. Thank you, soldiers, for answering the call God gave you. I love every one of you as does Jesus!!!!! Stay blessed!

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