What Does It Mean?

I have just started doing verse's of the week. I just find a verse that speaks to my heart (usually the Lord points it out to me) and then I read every morning when I wake up and right before I go to sleep. This weeks is...

"You are my hiding place and my shield; I hope in Your word." - Psalm 119:114

"Hiding place. What does that mean? Does it mean that You, Jesus are the One I share all my secrets with and keep all my treasures hidden in? Or does it mean that You are the One I run to when I am afraid?"

Well actually it is both. The Lord is our hiding place in both meanings as in the One we store all our treasures in as well as being the One we run to, not just when we are scared, but all the time.

I really like that verse from Psalm 119 because it really is teaching me to put my trust in Jesus. So often I think I am trusting Jesus. I think I am letting Him lead the way and be in the "Drivers seat" if you will, but then I realize that I am planning everything out in my head still. It's like I am saying, "Yes, Lord, You can lead me, but right now I need to do this so after this I'll let You lead my fully." And so this week is really a time for me to just lay my total life in His hands completely, this time. And allow the Lord to my hiding place, my shield, and have hope in His Word.

Which really thinking about it, is another thing that I have failed to do totally, that being that I haven't fully hoped in the Word of God. Why? Because life has given me situations (I'm sure yours has too) that have been extremely hopeless and I have forgotten God promises at times and forgotten the mightiness of my Savior!!!! But that is the truth straight from His Word, that He IS MIGHTY and that HE CAN deliver us all from every situation that could be created. WE just have to have HOPE in Him!

This is what I have been learning. Have a wonderfully blessed week! love you guys!!

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