The Gift

I read a really great book the past few days. Its called "The Gift" by Richard Paul Evans. Gosh, it was so amazing to read and reflect on. The book is about a man who has something horrific happen to him on Christmas day. 2 years in a row something bad happens to him. Then he meets a woman who has a boy who has the gift of healing. The boy's mother and sister kept it a secret until something happened and a person on the street saw him heal something. People came to see the boy so that he could heal them or one of their loved ones. The problem is every time the boy heals someone he gets sick... really sick. So you should read the book to find out what happens and how they deal with everything.
It's a really beautiful book and it includes a lot of questions that really made me think as well as some quotes from the mans journal. Something I read last night was really striking and this is taken directly from the book, "What good is a life prolonged if it only extends the season of cowardice and sin? What good is a new heart if it's only to be filled with hate or regret- or new eyes, if all they can see is criticism and intolerance? These are questions we must all ask ourselves." I love that because it is just so true. I am asking myself these questions and something that I was thinking about is that eternity is sure. It is something that we do have available to us but it is up to us whether we will accept the gift of salvation and go to Heaven. The problems we face right now are truly just temporary (though it may not seem that way) and it is up to us to keep in mind that our complete and total goal is Heaven with Jesus.
These were some thoughts I wanted to share. I highly encourage you to pick the book up and read it because it might change your thinking some and it might open your mind/eyes a little bit more. God bless you!!

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