Something about the Christmas time fills me with peace. I was thinking about this last night as I was taking it in and then it was like a 'DUH' moment for me. The reason it is so peaceful is because this is the time Peace came into the world. Jesus came here to save us and peace is what He gave us.

I get it all wrong sometimes. Thinking Christmas is the time for gifts and wrapping paper and Christmas lights and there isn't wrong with any of those things, but sometimes it can cloudy the true reason for this season and that is to celebrate our Savior's birth. Christmas is a wonderful time to give and to receive, but it is especially important that none of us forget the very reason we celebrate. I'm sure you already know this, but I think all of us can use a reminder every once in a while. :)

This time of the year almost rejuvenates me and refreshes me in life - in my walk with the Lord, my physical strength, and my emotional strength. Its a time that gives me a new light and it is such an enjoyable time for me and my family. I love Christmas! Mainly because I love Jesus and love being able to celebrate the major Gift God gave me.

So I pray that you have a wonderful CHRISTmas time and that peace fills your heart as well as your families. Stay blessed! Have a wonderful week!


  1. LOVE the new look of your blog! 10 days til Christmas!! Happy holiday, love :)

  2. love the new blog look :) love the post ;)

    Thanks for you comment, you should get you puppy a stocking :)


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