The Simple Way

This morning I was deleting junk email and I thought, gosh I wish it was so easy to just get the sin out of my life by clicking the trash button. Maybe it can be. Probably not quite as easy, because "nothing worth having comes easy." but maybe it can be just as simple.

Thinking about it, sometimes I can just put the sin I do in the trash, but I choose not to. I choose to hold on to it and toy around with it and then I end up getting in trouble. Then, I start asking God why I am having so much trouble and problems and when I start thinking back to where it all began I see that had I just listened to His still, small voice I wouldn't be where I am / where I was.

Its amazing what God can teach you when you are willing to listen. Think about it. But the question is, do you listen? I asked myself the same question. Do I listen to God and what He says? The answer: sometimes. That isn't good enough though. If I only listen to God sometimes, then I am missing out on so much. All that He has for me and all that He wants for me. Same for you. If you only listen to Him sometimes you are missing out. The most rewarding thing to do is to listen to Him and what He says and speaks to our hearts because when we do that we can finally see all that He wants us to see here on earth, and when we get to Heaven new doors will be opened up and then we can finally see everything.

The simple way sometimes is the best way. Loving God and loving others is simple. Hard to do, maybe, but simple nonetheless. I choose today, to put sin in the trash and simply love. I love you all!!!! Stay blessed!

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  1. Great and encouraging post ;) It would be so easier if we could just hit the delete button with our sins. But how would Christ be able to teach us from those mistakes :)


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