This is something God revealed to me last night:

I hate (dislike) it when I ask a question and no one answers me. Gosh, that bothers the heck out of me. Its not like I never get my answer because I just keep searching until I find the answer I'm looking for. Life is like that for everybody. All of us are asking a question and searching for our answer. Everybody has a different question but virtually all of the questions can be answered by one answer and that answer is Jesus Christ and His love for us all. When someone doesn't answer us we just keep looking.

See, some people are afraid to answer the questions we have. Its like when you ask your Sunday school teacher in 2nd grade, "Who made God?" and they basically act like how dare you ask such a question. Nobody knows who made God, but can't somebody just say that? So I feel like that's where it all starts. When we are kids we learn not to ask certain things and so we don't, but as we move through life we begin searching on our own for the answers to our questions and sometimes we find those answers, sometimes its the wrong answer, but nonetheless we find our answer.

I wrote this in my journal last night, Each person in life has a different question I think, based on their circumstance, but all the answers to our life questions are You and come from You. I think some people are afraid to answer and so they don't tell a person the answer to life and true life is You, they stay silent. Sometimes I think silence can be one of the most evil things. I really believe that silence can be one of the most evil things we can do to a person (depending on why we are silent).

Anyway, I wanted to encourage you to ask your questions but always remember that Jesus has the answer. Jesus IS the answer. He loves you like no one else can and no matter what you do, no matter how many times you fall, He is there to pick you back up. Have a blessed weekend!!


  1. That is so true. Sometimes silence is the most selfish thing.

  2. What a wonderful post...we do all want answers! :-)


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