Be Cautious and Help

"One's feelings of righteousness does not mean he is right and actually should alert him to be very cautious and humble." - Dallas Willard

I read this quote the other night in a book I'm reading and I found it to be very... convicting. Not just regarding being a righteous person, but regarding feelings in themselves. Sometimes I get angry at people because I think they are doing "this" or "that" but maybe I should take a closer look at not just those people and what they have "done" to me, but to also take a look at my feelings and motives. To actually do something not because it will make me feel good, but because it will help someone. Maybe I have no right to be angry with the person I'm angry with at the time. Actually I have no right to be angry with anyone. My God-given right is to love others the way I love myself. I was thinking that verse a couple days ago and really, I treat myself very well, why don't I do that for people? Ya' know, treat them well. Spoil them for a day. I've been pondering this ever since.

There are so many people out there who are hurting. They just really want to be loved and to know that there is someone who is looking for them, pursuing them, actually wanting to be with them. I have the opportunity to tell someone (maybe you, maybe someone on the street; just someone) that Jesus is that Someone and that He has been pursuing them from the day that they were born. However, there are some people who like to be shown that that is true. I believe that to show them WE (the Church) must be the hands and feet of Jesus. To help someone out who has nothing.

I know that there are some people who are homeless and they ask for money from people and I know some people have said, "I didn't give them any because they'll just go and spend it on alcohol." We don't know that. Jesus said to help those who have nothing, so do it. If they go and spend it on beer then that's what they did, but you never know what they will do and not helping them is not doing God's will and after all that's why we are here is to do God's will and bring Him glory.

Today I want to help someone. Anyone. I want to challenge you to do the same. Do you know what type of love revolution we can have if we all help one person? It would be a HUGE world change for sure. Help one person today, regardless of whether it be giving someone money, helping someone load groceries in their car, or offering to help an elderly person with some house work. Its the little things that truly make a big difference. Love you all!!


  1. I love the way you write. I can learn a lot from it. Thank you for continuing to follow the Lord!

  2. Helping others....i love it... It has been on my heart to help others, I just have to make the time to really go and do it... today has been a tough day for me...there is something that is really getting to me. Thank you for this post.


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