Connect To The Source

If you have an Mp3 player or an iPod then you know you have to connect it to your computer (the source) to add music to it and charge it. Life is the same way. You have to connect yourself to the Source (Jesus) to have Him inside your heart and to get to know Him and have Him reside in you for the rest of your life. But you have to plug into the Source consistently or it will only last for a little while and then your "charge" will be extremely low.

This morning I spent some time with the Lord. Good, uninterrupted time. I really needed that and my heart feels at peace because Jesus showed me a lot during that time. This morning I was watching Ed Young (go to eyoung.com for info on him and his ministry). He is an amazing pastor and puts things into terms that I can understand, not a bunch of big words and sentaces that leave me confused. It's all about getting His Word out and saving souls. Anyways, Ed said so much that spoke to my heart. The sermon was on change. His take on the process of change is like this:
  • change
  • conflict
  • growth

Maybe my problems in life aren't coming from other people, but from myself. That's what God has been speaking to me and I didn't even know it. Everything I have been reading and listening to has had to do with change and yet it didn't click until this morning that maybe there are some things in myself that I need to change and not in other people. I can't change other people, I can only change myself through God and His grace. The conflict usually comes from what you are changing because as everybody knows change is not easy by any stretch of the imagination. It really comes from your old self and your new self playing a game of tug of war until finally one side wins, hopefully it's your new self. And the growth comes when you finally make that change and stick with it. I've learned that is the key to having lasting change is opening your heart for God to change you and then sticking with it through and through. That's where things usually go wrong is when we stick with it for a moment and then let it go. I've learned that from personal experience.

Maybe you are like me and need to connect to Jesus today and spend some time charging. Ask God to show you the things that you need to change in order to become the man or woman of God He has created you to be. Change can be scary at first and really hard, but eventually it's okay. Have a blessed Sunday!!! Love you all so much!!!


  1. What a great comparison! We DO have to stay plugged in to the Father to stay charged up and on the right track!

  2. I love my quite time with the Lord!! :-)

  3. Hi there! wonderful blog! Yes! GOD is truly great in your life and even in my life... that's it! PASSION for GOd... I pray that the whole world will receive Christ as their Saviour and know HIM better.. GOD bless...


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