Everything Is Not As It Appears

I found a new website that I really think you should see (whoever "you" are). www.readthisbeforeyoudie.com Usually I don't go to websites titled as such but since it came from a reliable source I decided to check it out. I got more than I thought I would. I was ministered to while at this website and God used it to change my heart and soul a bit. I learned so much that is deep within me.

As everyone knows we all want to go to Heaven. I can't think of a person I know who doesn't. I always find it weird though, when a friend who doesn't believe in the Lord says they can't wait to see their grandma or friend or whoever in Heaven. Why is it weird to me? Well, because if you don't believe in God than you can't believe in the Home He has for you and me. Everyone wants to go to Heaven, not many people want to put in the effort to get there though. Sometimes I wish it wasn't so hard. I mean, I get tired and worn out and sometimes I don't feel like following His plan or will for my life because sometimes it seems just too hard. Seems is the right word because that is all it is. Things appear one way and are actually the exact opposite.

So when it feels like it is all too tough remind yourself that it might appear that way, but that's not what it is in all actuality. Remind yourself that the only way to get to Heaven is to follow Him and leave everything else. I have to do this constantly. Life is a battle. There are two people of yourself you have to deal with. One being your good self, the one trying to get to the Lord, following the path that leads to true success and life. The other being the sinful self, the one who wants to do everything that appears "fun" but only leads to destruction and death. True success isn't making all the money you can, being famous, and then dieing. I've seen people who have fame. It doesn't satisfy and really their lives are more messed up because of what they do. It all appears so great, but it's not. Looks really can be deceiving. True success is following the path the Lord has laid out for you, getting to know Him and making Him known. That's real and true success.

I'm talking to myself more than I am to you. Sometimes the Hollywood life looks so glamorous and like it would be fun. Then I see people like Michael Jackson, Brittney Spears, Katy Perry and realize that none of it is worth it. It's not worth losing who you are and losing your faith and losing really your life and more importantly, your soul. Its just not worth it.

I just want to encourage you to continue in your walk with the Lord. It might be tough right now and look hopeless but when you get to Heaven see the Savior of your soul and you get to live with Him for the rest of your life, you'll forget everything that you thought was hard. I love you all so much!! Oh and please go to the website because I really think it will speak to you. If you need prayer for something do leave a comment below so I can pray for you. :) Stay blessed!!

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  1. Great Post! Thank you for sharing it with us! Have a Blessed Evening!


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