Leaving a Legacy

The other day I read about a young woman who was missing. Julia Gilbert. She was 21 and was headed to her parents house when she just went missing. A couple days later they found her. In a ditch, car turned over, dead. They are still investigating how she went off the road.

This morning I wanted to see if they had found out how she got like that, but they are still investigating that. However I read this ~> www.ocolly.com/a-treasured-friend-1.1011097 I was so touched by what her friends said about her. The legacy she left was incredible. And it got me to thinking, when I die; what will my legacy be? I know for sure that I would want people to say these things about me. I want people to say that I lived for God with all my heart and loved people.

But in order to leave a legacy you have to physically be your legacy. Does that make sense? Okay, if I want people to say those things about me, I need to be those things. Not consciously going, "oh my gosh, I want a legacy so I'm going to do this and this and this..." but being the people God has called you and me to be. Answering that call. Stepping up and out. Not being afraid to look different from the world.

All this has been going in my head for about an hour now. The past couple days have been me thinking a lot about Julia. I didn't know her, but somehow from what her friends have said I feel like I know a piece of her. The way you know if someone has left a real legacy is if they, through Jesus, change a life. I know that through God, this girl has changed my perspective and mind and heart a little bit. Maybe a lot. Sometimes I don't want to think about this kind of stuff and so I push this away from my mind to the very back and just forget about it, but the Lord knows when I really need a push to think about these things because it is something that really deserves attention.

What do you want your legacy to be? Really think about that. Let's answer the callings God has placed on our lives and leave a legacy. Love you all!!! Blessings from Heaven!

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