Stop Looking Back

You can't move forward if you're always looking back.

My first thought this morning was the above statement. I wasn't sure why this thought occurred at first. I mean this isn't a common thing for me to just wake up and have a thought such as that. At first I thought I was dreaming then I realized I was awake and then God began to speak to my heart.

What God was telling me through this statement was very personal. I've been struggling a bit with looking back and it has been causing me to sin. I was looking back at my life and at other people I once knew, that now are no longer part of my life. Just a bunch of different things. It truly has been holding me back from being all God has called me to be.

I want to move forward and continue walking with the Lord and heading towards my real Home (Heaven). The thing is, some Christians and Pastors tell you lock out all thoughts that will hinder your walk with the Lord, but they never tell you how. Some thoughts are easier to block than others, especially if you are really hurt by whatever you are thinking about. Yes, I believe Jesus heals all hearts, but what if your pain is so deep it goes further down than people actually know? In real life people struggle and sometimes it takes more than just a prayer and some Bible verses to help. That works sometimes, but sometimes it goes further into the surface. There is nothing wrong with needing to talk to someone and let them know what you're struggling with and what you keep looking back at. Why can't we just be honest? Do we all have to be fake? Why can't we just be real and actually talk about the problem we face everyday, instead of acting as if once you accept Jesus Christ into your heart all your problems seem to go away?

In a book I'm reading now the author explains what really happened when Peter saw Jesus walking on the water and got out of the boat to walk on the water too. While Peter was looking at Jesus, he stayed on the water, the minute he looked away, he began to sink. That's how life is, when we are looking at Jesus- keeping our eyes on Him we are alright. But the minute we look away if when we begin to sink.

I want to let you know that if you are a Christian struggling right now, there is nothing wrong with you. If you had something happen in the past that is holding you back and you can't seem to get yourself to move forward, maybe you need to talk to someone. Find a mentor, a pastor, a dear friend, or a strong Christian person to talk with and just be honest. Make sure the person is someone you trust, someone you can be totally honest with and not feel like you're getting judged. None of us can move forward in our walks with Christ if we keep looking back. You can't focus on two things at once, it's either one or the other. Keep trusting Jesus, keeping relying on Him. Let's move forward together and be the Church the Lord of the Heavens and the Earth desires for us to be. Have a blessed weekend!


  1. I needed to read this today..I am considering a new job and needed to read about not looking back!

  2. sigh..this is so true. We can't focus on 2 things at one time


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