Be Your Best - Part 2

Yesterday we talked about being our best for Jesus Christ. We talked about how difficult it can be to be our best. Today we will talk about how to be our best.

First thing is first, we cannot be anything without the Lord, Jesus Christ. It just won't work. Sure, you can try but you will reap nothing because you sow nothing. Philippians 4:13 says this, "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength." Want to know the reason why we can't do anything on our own? Because we don't have the strength to. Christ's strength is so much greater than all of us human beings strength put together. The reason we get worn down and tired is a lot of times we are depending on ourselves and not Jesus. When you depend on yourself you start to worry about things because you haven't placed Jesus as the Lord of your life. You're going to have to do that if you want to be your best.

In Malachi 1 verse 14 it says this, "Cursed is the cheat who has an acceptable male in his flock and vows to give it, but then sacrifices a blemished animal to the Lord. For I am a great King, says the Lord Almighty."
Sometimes we do that, don't we? We say we'll give God our best and then we instead give Him part of our best or the "blemished" best. Our goal as followers of the Lord is to glorify Him and we can do that by giving Him our best.

So how do we do that? Well it's actually pretty basic:

Focus - Just like in anything you do (sports, school, work,etc) you have to focus on what it is you want to accomplish. Sometimes it's not easy because there are things there that can be distracting. Sin can pop up at any time and it can be hard to turn the other cheek and walk away from it, but if we don't then that can hinder not only being our best, but also our relationship with Jesus. Now don't get me wrong, there will be roadblocks and we will fail (because that's is part of being an imperfect being) but getting back up is part of your best.

Capture your thoughts - Sometimes my mind can be my worst enemy. Why? Because sometimes my mind tells me things like, "You're not good enough." You're going to fail." "Why do you even try? You know you can't do it." It takes a lot of strength- not from myself, but from God- to block out those thoughts and to keep pushing through. The Bible says that God knows our hearts so even though sometimes it feels like we're not giving our best because we keep failing the Lord knows when you're trying your best and He appreciates it. When your mind tells you that you can't do it or aren't good enough just remember the Lord and His Word. It also does well to talk with someone and let them know that you're having doubts and need some encouragement.

Don't go it alone - Ecclesiastes 4:9 says that "Two are better than one..." and that is true. A lot of times God has for us things that we absolutely cannot do alone. Whether we need a friend or a family member there is a vital need for other people in our lives. I've had a hard time dealing with this because I can sometimes have a trust issue. It seems sometimes that every time I get close to someone and we're doing well then something happens that draws us apart and leaves me alone. I believe that Jesus is all I need however there does come a time where I know He is telling me to talk with somebody and to work together. So my suggestion to you is to find someone who is a Christian as well and ask them if they will join you in being your best for Jesus Christ. Hold each other accountable and you want to make sure it is someone you trust as well as someone you give permission to "get- up- in- your- face" when you are out of line or slipping up.

I believe those are the main points but if you have something to add feel free to. :) Let's be our best today for the cause of Christ. Remember, if you slip up or fail it is better to try than to not try at all. Jesus is patient. Don't forget that. Love y'all! God bless you!

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