Do You Like ME?

"If you are everybody's boy or girl, if everybody likes you, that doesn't sound much like the life of Jesus, does it?" - Kirk Franklin

I heard Kirk Franklin say that of GMC during an interview the other day. That just struck me like I don't know what! I've never thought of it like that. I mean I've always heard people talk about living their life like Jesus, but I never thought about that aspect of His life.

Sometimes I strive so hard to have everybody like me. At least the people I want to like me. I don't wanting people to like you is wrong at all, but I definitely think when that becomes all you want there is a problem. I've been rejected before. I'm sure you have too. Rejection hurts. BAD. It may lead you into a spiral trying to get everyone to like you, everybody to think you're "great", to be everybody's "home girl" or "homeboy". Matter of fact is this:

you can't get everybody to like you. Period.

People will find something wrong with you always. I've heard people say before that they didn't follow Jesus because people will think their "weird" or "not cool". Maybe they will and maybe they won't, but I know for sure that if that is your reason for not following the Lord you've got one serious problem because no matter how hard you try everybody is not going to like you, whether you are a Christian or not.

When Jesus walked the earth a lot of people thought He was phony or odd. I believe that some of those people didn't want to believe in Him because He was different, not of this world and not like this world. I believe that is why people don't want to believe in Him today. Jesus didn't have everybody like Him, it never seemed to bother Him though, because He knew who His Father was and where His identity was. Maybe that's the trouble today is some of us Christians don't know who we are, really. Who we are in Jesus is something very important because if you aren't secure in Christ then, you aren't secure at all.

I just want to let you know, brother or sister, that the number One who doesn't just like you, but loves you is Jesus. And He doesn't care if you can sing or not, if you are a "nerd" or the most popular person in school, or if you like to sing and dance in your room when no one is watching. Jesus loves you for you. You are a beautiful person. His Word says so (Psalm 139). I want you to know that if there is someone who really doesn't like you and you wish they did just keep your head up, a smile on your face and remember your life is like Jesus'. He loves you and so do I!! Stay blessed!!!


  1. So True!Sometimes I feel left out but God always reminds me that I am His and that He wants me! That even though I might not be in the "IN" crowd or be favored! But if I have God's favor nothing else matters! Keep on Girl! God Bless You!

  2. "you can't get everybody to like you. Period." SO TRUE! Could not have said it better!

  3. I have never been a popular person...and I am ok with that. Especially now that I know Jesus wants us to be humble and put him First.


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