Not by Myself

I read Nehemiah the past week and I have seen so many things that I can learn from. One thing I want to focus on is that in God's will for our lives sometimes He calls us to things that we can only accomplish with other people.

I started thinking about things God has called me to do that I tried to do but just never seemed to work out and I realized that maybe if I had asked for some other people's help then maybe what God called me to do would have been done. If Nehemiah hadn't had his good friends and family to help him rebuild the wall then it probably would have taken a lot longer and maybe would not have been done in record time.

I love how people tried to stop Nehemiah from doing what the Lord had called him to do, but Nehemiah stood strong and continue pressing forth. He continued to fight the fight. I love that. Not only did Nehemiah know who he was in Christ, but he also had people around him that encouraged in his faith. That is so important to have in our lives. We need friends who encourage us to keep going and who support us.

There are so many things in this world that could be made somewhat better or even accomplished if we could all reach out to one another as the body of Christ and make a change. I want to make a difference and impact for the cause of Christ. I don't want to get to the end of my life and see that I didn't do anything to help anybody and I didn't try and make a change for the better. That would be a sad life in my opinion.

I want to encourage you to look for opportunities to help someone and to find out the bigger projects that you believe God has called you to and find people who will help to achieve whatever it may be. I will be doing the same. It's going to be great to see how everyone changes the world just by little things that they don't think make a difference, but do. You are a difference maker. Don't waste that. Have a wonderful day!!!


  1. Great post, love your heart! It is clear from scripture that the Wesminster Confession is correct when it asks and answers the reason we exist as: To glorify God and to enjoy Him forever.

    Thomas Watson wrote this is our great end for which we were created. He stated it would be better if we were never born than to miss our great end. We are to telescopically magnify and reflect the nature of our glorious God and in doing so enjoy him now and forever.

    Have you ever read John Piper's "Don't Waste Your Life?" Great book. I don't agree with everything Piper says, but this is a must read for every believer.

    Have a great day - waiting to hear the wonderful impact you make as you glorify our God and enjoy him now!

  2. Nehemiah is a great example of how we are to keep on, keeping on. The enemy is always trying to get us side tracked and many fall into his trap.

    We can only find victory in Jesus.

    As the old hymn says;

    "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus, Look Full In His Wonderful Face... In The Light Of His Glory And Grace".

  3. Wonderful post, and it makes me think about my life!! Thanks for being such a wonderful person and having the HEART that wants to serve the LORD!!

  4. wonderful post. this is exactly what needs to happen in today's time. we all have to lend a helping hand to make the load easier. be encouraged, God is with you always


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