The Blind Side

I'm probably late on all the talk about this movie but that's because I wasn't able to see "The Blind Side" in theaters. That's okay though because I was able to buy it on dvd and watched it last night.

Wow! This is an incredible movie. Extremely moving and really it's quite refreshing to finally find a movie that A) lives up to the hype (which this DEFINITELY did! :)) B) is worth spending the money to buy it on dvd and C) that Hollywood hasn't added sex and unneccarsary scenes to it.

Michael Oher and his family
If you don't know the story line (yes, it's a true story) the movie is about a guy named Michael Oher who had a father who wasn't involved in his life and a mother who was involved in all the wrong things. He became homeless and had nowhere to go. Mrs. Tuohy saw him and that he had no where to go so she invited him into her home and soon he was living with Mrs. & Mr. Tuohy as well as their daughter and son. He was eventually adopted by the family. After a while he started to play football and did very well. He is now an NFL player (going into his second NFL season) for the Baltimore Ravens.

Maybe you've seen the movie and maybe you haven't. I highly encourage you to buy this on dvd. Truly uplifting and inspiring and really it would be a great movie to sit down and watch with someone who doesn't know Christ because this movie isn't "bashing you on the head" with anything it simply tells the Truth. There are a few cuss words in it, but if I had to grade this movie; overall it would get an A+. This movie really shows what it means to be a follower of Christ and be the hands and feet of Jesus.

Have a wonderful Easter and remember that it's about the Lamb of Life. :)


  1. Thanks for the review. I need to watch this movie, just haven't made the time.

    Thanks for the reminder: It is all about the Lamb of God who gave Himself as a willing sacrifice to satisfy the wrath of God.

    It is not about bunnies, eggs, flowers, candy, parades, hats, or new dresses!

    God bless you and have a happy celebration of the resurrection!

  2. I loved this movie!!! HAPPY EASTER! Hope you had a nice weekend!! :-)

  3. I'd like to watch it! Thaks for tell about it.


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