My God is Good, My God is Great!!!

When I am afraid, God is with me.

When I don't think I can do it, God is there to walk me through it.

When I just want to stop and turn back, God holds my hand and together We keep going.

When my life seems completely out of control, God reminds me that He is in control of it all.

When all I seem to do is fail, the Lord reminds me His grace is sufficient for me for He is made perfect through my weaknesses.

When I don't feel loved, God shows me His love through His Son on the Cross.

When all I want is to be left alone, God stays with me.

These are just some of the amazing things that the Lord does for me everyday. I hope your day is really blessed and that you see some the incredible blessings that God brings to you today.


  1. Great post! God does wonderfully amazing things. Sad truth is much of the time we miss it and take it for granted. Thanks for your sharing. God is great!!

  2. I needed to hear this today..having a hard day!! Hope your week is going well!!

  3. What a great reminder for us all! God is so wonderful and blesses us with more than we even realize!
    I want to thank you for taking the time to write all these wonderful updates for us.
    I have been following your blog for a year now and it is such an inspiration to me. I often come here when I'm having a bad day or need to be reminded of some truths. Thank you!


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