Loving On My Bad Days

So the Lord has been teaching me so much this month about one thing in particular... loving and blessing people.

Oh, how I truly desire to be a blessing to people and to simply love them like Jesus does. However, when I'm tired, annoyed, angry, frustrated, worn out, etc. I just don't want to. The selfish part of my heart just wants to focus on myself and block out the rest of the world. Sadly I miss a lot of opportunities to love and bless people just because I'm having a bad day or an "off" day.

God has been teaching me that even when I'm having not so great of a day my attitude can still be right. "Happiness is a choice." More times than not that is true. If someone has depression or something along those lines then happiness a lot of times isn't possible until they work through what they are depressed over, but if we are just grumpy or upset because it's Monday, then we can turn that around ourselves just by making the simple choice to be happy.

This month I've been focusing on having the right attitude and knowing that regardless of how my day is going God is right there holding my hand and I can trust that He will work everything out. That really makes my day. I know if it makes my day then I should pass that along so it can make someone else's day too. There's a girl who always says, "A blessing is not a blessing unless it's shared." I find that to be true. I can keep a blessing all to myself and really not be blessed, but when I pass it on then I feel that the blessing is complete. 

This week I want to just love people and bless regardless of how good or bad my day is. Can you really be a true follower of Christ if the only time you fulfill His plan is when your day is good? I don't think so. Being a follower of Jesus is a 24/7  365 days a year commitment. You don't get to pick and choose, you either are or you aren't and sometimes that can be a difficult thing to think about (however it is necessary). I just challenge myself and you to love on people and be a blessing this week (and everyday) no matter what your day is like. I know it's hard.. believe me I know it's hard, but when you get your reward in Heaven you'll know it worth it. God is by your side. Stay near Him. Have a blessed weekend!

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  1. Great post my friend!

    Oh don't worry I want to be able to do more post more often so if you don't think of one this week you can always send one in next week :)


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