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I just finished reading 'Start Here' by Alex & Brett Harris. This book is something you can read right now (if you haven't read 'Do Hard Things') or you can read after you have read Do Hard Things (which is the way it's intended).

When I read 'Do Hard Things', blog post here, I was so excited because I had never really thought of any of the things the guys wrote about, but then I was left questioning, what is a hard thing? Does have to be big? Have I done hard things in the past? And then the boys wrote this book. It's purpose is to help people find the hard things God desires for them to do.

While I read this book God revealed many truths to me. I'm still processing all of it. I would recommend this book to people who really want to know what God wants them to do. It will help you narrow down what talents you have and how you can use them to bring God glory and help bring others to Him. Definitely a great book and you should definitely read it.  :) Have a blessed Monday!!!

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