Come On In....

"Come on in, you're always welcome" - Church Billboard

That is what I saw on a  Church billboard that I passed yesterday. I thought that was really amazing and welcoming to see outside. The only problem I had was, sometimes that's not the way people feel inside the Church.

I've been to several different churches. All the people are nice and stuff, but sometimes I just don't see people who genuinely love the people (the believers, the Church, etc) that are around them. I have been guilty of this before, thankfully then and now anytime I start judging those people the Lord gently rebukes me and reminds me that we are all sinners looking to our Savior.

It would be so awesome if the feelings inside our hearts for people were in fact, "come on in, you're always welcome." We'd be fulfilling the Lord's will by just loving the people around us. I want to really and truly love the people around me, my problem sometimes is though, that I've been hurt by these same people. Forgiving isn't easy, but forgetting.. well that is even harder. At least for me. Sometimes I just want to hold onto those feelings of hate and anger and bitterness. Not actually realizing that it is hurting me more than that person or anybody else. I guess, you can't really love someone if you have hate towards them, right? So the best possibility is to let go of the anger and hate and allow the Lord to heal your heart so that you can actually love them.

My point is that the Father has called us to love one another as ourselves. If we can't let go of the hate we have for others or for even ourselves, then we cannot love. Let's stand together as the body of Christ and truly love Him and love others. Let our attitudes be, "Come on in, you're always welcome." Have a blessed day!! :)


  1. I have awarded you the Sunshine Award :)
    God Bless. :)

    Jessica B.

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