Too Different?

I've been thinking about this a lot and I think it's time to mention it.

Recently a really good friend of mine and I have been talking a lot. She goes to church every Sunday and loves it. However, the people in the church don't seem to love her. They are... well rude. It hurts me for a lot of reasons. One) I'm really close to this person. 2) We as the body of believers are supposed to treat others with love. 3) If that's how they treat someone who's been going to their church for years, then how do they treat strangers?

I've spoken on many occasions to this person and asked her if she learns and grows and matures at this church. The answer has been vague, but for the most part I would say no, she doesn't. When she goes to  this church, she walks in, not very a talkative person, and no one even bothers to try and have a conversation. The people who do talk with her think everything she says is stupid or "not cool". I've told her maybe she needs to stop going there and find a good, loving, church home but she's not sure. She thinks everyone will think she isn't "interesting". She thinks she's too different. She's not. God created us in His image, if we're not good enough for someone, that's okay, that's their bad, God thinks we are so good enough for Him and that really is all that matters! :)

My response to her has been and always will be, I love her. I don't want people to treat like that and if they are what they call themselves, followers of Jesus, then they wouldn't treat like that. Sure, we all have off days, bad days, etc. because we are not perfect just forgiven (hence the name of my blog), but I know for sure that if I treat someone like that I try to apologize and make sure I don't do it again. We will always fail, but it never ever hurts to try.

This post is for the people out there who have the same situation. If this is the way your Church (youth group or whatever) treats you, you may want to consider finding a new church. No one deserves to be treated like. No one.

To my followers of Jesus reading this - please make sure to treat everyone with love. I know it's hard with some people, but we have to try because it's God's will. And when we follow our Father's will good things always happen. Maybe not to you, but definitely for other people. God's will for your life, could be helping someone else find His will for their life. Keep that in mind.

Challenge for the week is just to treat others with as much love as possible. This can be done by simply talking to someone and actually listening. There are so many ways to show the Lord's love, so be creative and love somebody! We need each other. We need Jesus! Have a blessed day!!

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