Crazy Love

I finished reading Crazy Love by Francis Chan is was one incredible book. I mean, God opened my eyes to what it really means to follow Him. I was so wrong in what I thought it meant to be His true follower.

I was so convicted while reading that book because it was a huge wake up call to see the things in my life that aren't what God wanted or intended. It definitely wasn't just reading a book it was almost like an experience with the Lord.  No, it was an experience with the Lord. I feel like I'm growing in my relationship with Him because now I can actually see what it means to be a follower of Him.

I would really encourage any Christian who wants the lies that they have been fed by others revealed, to read this book. If you want to be challenged and really live your life for Christ then this book will definitely help. I pray that God opens your eyes to so much while you read this book and through your everyday life.

Have a really blessed Wednesday!! Chase after God, He is chasing after you!! :) Always remember God has a plan in every single thing. He loves you SO much... more than you will ever know!!


  1. i love your blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i love jesus to!. maybe you can look at my blog??? >3


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