Feelings and "Feel Good"

So many Christians these days tend to build and base their faith on feelings. We're hear things such as, "I'm fired up for Jesus!" and think that's how your faith is supposed to be.

I've spent quite a bit of time thinking about this and writing a post about it and I felt like today was the day. :)

I just finished reading this article and was pretty much shaking my head yes the whole time. Not that there aren't teenagers in the world who do have a true relationship with Jesus, but these days it really is a lot about feelings and there really isn't a very accurate picture of who God is and Who we serve. I've found that a lot people do think that God wants us to be happy and He only wants whatever we want. However that is not true. God wants what is best for us and sometimes that means that we won't be happy for a while. The Word tells us that the Lord disciplines us because He loves us, not because He wants to punish us, but because He, the God of the Universe, the One who made you and me, LOVES US!!! How truly Awesome is that?! I stand in awe of God because to think that He would pick me to love... wow it absolutely will bring you to your knees.

God gives us feelings for a reason, but our feelings are never meant to be what we base our lives off of or our faith on. I mean, if you're like me then your emotions are up and down all the time. If I were to base my relationship with Christ on feelings then I probably wouldn't have that great of a relationship with Him.

I just want to remind you, brother or sister, that if you're not having a "mountain top" experience right now that is totally okay. Why? Because your faith is completely different from your feelings. Even when you can't feel God, He's there. Be patient and wait on Him because God has a plan for you. As followers of Jesus lets have an authentic faith that people know we have been (and are) with Jesus Christ. Have a really blessed day!!

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