Hang On!!

Not totally sure how to start this post. I haven't posted a while. Why? You may ask, well because I suffered a loss in my family. One of my grandparents died. I am still getting over the fact that their not here anymore. It's crazy!

I was really upset for a few days (and still have a few sob sessions here and there), but I know that they are with Jesus and there is no more suffering or pain or anything. They are happy with our Savior!!

During this trying time God has shown me a few things and I am placing all my trust in Him, for where else could I place my trust? Like James says I will rejoice and be happy in my trials for they produce perseverance, character, and hope.

If you are going through something like this I want you to remember that God is right by your side no matter what! If you love God, He has great plans for you like no eye has seen or ear has heard or minds can fully know 1 Cor. 2:9. Hang onto His promises, they are all we truly have.

Hang on, God is up to something so stand strong in Him and cling to His Word. Stay blessed!


  1. You will be in prayer sweet sister in Christ. My grandmother passed away unexpectedly this past Monday, and I JUST started college this past Saturday. I totally understand where you are coming from, and I pray God continues to give you strength and wisdom to endure, and lovingly patient unto His will.

    In His love,

  2. im so sorry that this happened. know that i am always here for you and that you are going to get through this. love you so much sweetie.




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