The Meaning of Courteous

Courteous -
Definition: marked by respect for consideration of others.

I was thinking about this earlier and thought I'd share. :) Recently I got to go to a ball park with some people from a church. It was a lot of fun and of course while we were there people got tons of food. That's totally fine, except when we got up there was food, wrappers, napkins, etc. all over the place. I was a little shocked that they made such a mess and didn't even bother to clean it up. I thought about the poor guy that had to clean up all that mess. Made me sad. Where was their courtesy?

I'm not trying to judge them or anything I just know that we are representing Christ and when we do things like that ( we as followers of Jesus) it doesn't represent Him very well. There is a problem with that, but to me the saddest thing is that not a person told them to pick up their trash and put it in the garbage. I didn't bother to clean it up, mainly because I saw how many of them ate and didn't want to get that on my hands since I had no way to wash them (ever seen a load of guys eat french fries and pretzels, and snow cones, and ice cream? yeah, not always a pretty picture! lol Side not - I don't think all guys eat this way, just some ;) ) Anywho, I read this quote earlier -

"If a man be gracious and courteous to strangers it shows he is the citizin of the world." - Francis Bacon

How great is that?! I think that is such a good quote because really it is so true. Being courteous is what I want to focus this post on, but being gracious is just as important as being courteous. I don't know if one is more important than the other, I feel like they should be equally important to us because they really are equally important. This week I want to strive to be gracious and courteous. How about we as followers of Christ start living our life out the way He intended for us to live it? Will you join me in this challenge? I hope so! :)

Some ways we can be gracious this week:
  • Do something for other people and not expect something in return
  • Forgive that person that you've been holding a grudge with for so long
  • Show the love of Christ to someone that hasn't been kind to you
Some ways we can be courteous this week:
  • Pick up and clean up after ourselves (and others)
  • Thank the people who do jobs that no one else wants and never get thanks for it
  • Help someone who is overloaded with things to do, with the things they need done
These are the things we should be doing every day. I feel so convicted when I think back on all the times when God gave me opportunities to be a good example of Him and help others and I didn't. By God's grace though, that is going to change! :) I'm so excited to start living my life the way God intended for me to. I pray you will begin to live your life the way the Lord wants you to as well. Have a blessed day!! Also, if anyone has a prayer request leave me a comment and I definitely will pray for you! :)

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  1. Amen! Excellent Courteous List. We can all be a little more courteous in the areas you listed and many more.

    There is something we used to call "common courtesy" that is missing in our society today. Somehow it got lost along with "common sense".

    God bless you and have a great week.


    BTW, My favorite one on your list is: Do something for other people and not expect something in return.


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