Time To Do It

I was prompted to write this post after reading through a couple articles this afternoon.

Our comfort zones hold us back so much don't they? I mean seriously my comfort zone is so small I can barely move in it. It's unbelievably small and unrealistic to try to live in. God wants us to move out of our  small comfort boxes and into uncomfortable, socially awkward places. Why? Not because He wants to punish us and make us feel really uncomfortable, but because we will never fully live life if we are afraid to do something that may not be easy for us.

The Lord has called us to sacrifice everything. Sacrificing in it's truest form is never easy to do.. that's why it's called sacrifice, but God promises us that it will be very rewarding. People love to live life on the edge, but it's funny how when it comes down to living life completely on the edge, every one is scared to do it. Myself included.

Last night when I was reading a book the guy who wrote it was talking about just going out and doing it even when it frightens us and make us feel uncomfortable because in the end it will all be worth it. So my challenge to you today and for myself is to just go out and do it! It is always scary the first time you do something you've never done before, but when you follow God's will with all your heart when it's really scary, God has something really wonderful for us at the end of that. The Lord's plan for your life surpasses anything we could ever dream of because God has a mind that is beyond anything we can think or anything we can do. Just go out and do it! Whatever the Lord is leading you to just go and do it! You will be blessed by it!

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