I finished reading Radical by David Platt a couple days ago. Wow.. where do I start with this book? It's a wonderful book with a lot of good points. I will say that there were a few things in this book that I did not agree with. That's just part of every one having their own opinion. We are all entitled to one. :) There were just a few things that when I think about them I don't exactly see eye to eye with what he is saying.

It took me about 2 months to read this book. Not because I am slow reader, but because this is one of those book that you need to take your time with. It's a book that you need to break down piece by piece and really think about what David is saying and talking about.

David wrote this book to talk about what we as the body of Christ need to do... what we need to be. It's very true that the Church needs to step it up and actually do what we always claim we are doing. It's a lovely challenge that David offers. This is a wonderful book and I would encourage you to read it. Keep in mind that there are some things that I disagree with so just don't soak up every thing he says and make that your opinion. You may agree completely with what he says and that is totally fine just don't accept every thing right off the bat without first comparing it to God's Word.

Have a wonderful Sunday! :)

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