We NEED To Be Disciples!

So I have been learning about what it means and looks like to be disciple of Jesus Christ. I never thought much about it or what it looks like and certainly didn't really think there was a difference between a Christian and a disciple... but it seems there is a difference. Maybe it shouldn't be that way, however it is.
See we as followers of Jesus have been taught the usual when it comes to sharing Jesus, tell them about Him, ask them if they want to accept Him into their heart, and if they do then pray with them and be on your merry way. If they don't then you have at least planted a seed. And all of that is great, really, but looking at Jesus and how the disciples lived their lives that really isn't fulfilling God's will and way for letting the whole world know about Him.

God has been showing me so many things regarding this and continues to bring examples into my life. Looking throughout the Bible I see people who pursued others while they were pursuing God. This is what I want and desire to do. Oh my heart yearns to be such a Light that people no longer see me, but see Jesus in me. I want my life, my words, my example to scream "I love Jesus!!!". I want to be a disciple. This will take sacrifice and lots of heart and passion for God, but I believe that in Him I can do all things.

Going back to pursuing others, when we tell someone about the Lord we need to stick with it. Or in other words, stick with them. If they accept Christ we can help them find a Bible based Church that fits them well, we can find a need in their life and fill it. Sometimes I think people initially accept Christ when witnessed to, but I think sometimes maybe they end up looking at their life and feeling discouraged because they have their old life to deal with, they'll probably need to get some new friends who can support them in their walk with Jesus as that person supports them in theirs. They probably will feel lonely because it's really hard to go it alone, God tells us that it isn't good for man to be alone and I believe that aside from marriage, God was also telling us that we need people around us to support us and help us along.

I'm challenging myself to reach out to people and not only tell them about Jesus, but also be a friend to them. We must be careful to make sure we don't befriend someone who isn't real about loving and living for God and end up getting ourselves dragged down to their level (because remember you can never pull a person up, but they can pull you down). Feel free to join me in this challenge and mission as we through Christ take over the world for Jesus!! :) Have a blessed week!!!

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  1. That's good stuff girl!
    I hope you are having a great week!


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