Flawed As Can Be

I wish I could say I have the perfect life. That I never make mistakes and that my flaws never get the best of me. I probably could say that and maybe you'd never know the difference, but for the sake of keeping it real I simply cannot say that.

Gosh, I fail every single day. I disappoint God sometimes by the choices I make. Thank the Lord for His love and mercy which always sustains me and brings me back to Him. I am not perfect by ANY means. I am not the perfect Christian, perfect daughter, perfect friend, etc. I am flawed. I am foolish. I sin. Yet I'm saved. Why? Because God loves me and wants me. He wants you too, I wish I could make you believe that.

You know what I've learned? I can be my flawed, imperfect self, and Jesus still loves me. He wants me. He wants me to be obedient to Him and even when I disobey, He still loves me. Wow! That rocks my world! I've been living as if I must be perfect. That somehow my "works" will get me to Heaven or that Jesus will love me more if I'm more... presentable. I was foolish. I thank God for His grace. Where would I be without it? "I am who I am by grace." - Paul

I want to let you know that no matter how far in a hole you may be, how messed up you may be or how "ugly" your life may look, Jesus will and does accept you just as you are! Let's be real, we are all stinkin' hot messes in need of a Savior. We are loved so much by God that Jesus, His Son, went to the Cross for us! That makes me want to fall down before the throne right now! Just remember it is not too late to live for Jesus. Give Him your life and He will do amazing things through it. I know! Stay blessed!

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