I Will Care!

"Will you care?"

These words have haunted me for probably 4 weeks. Do I care? Will I care? Why don't I care? Care for what, you might be wondering. For people. For doing God's will. For living my life, not for myself, but for Him. Mainly though, about people. I pass people everyday (or almost every day) and yet I don't really care about them.

God has been changing this in me. I've started to look at people and not pity them but have compassion for them. I want to be there for these people whether I know them or not. I want to look at them and see their beauty for they are created in our Father's image. I want to hear what's going on in their lives... where they are at. I want to truly care for them and not just live this mediocre life. I am told by God's Word to be His hands and feet and to shepard His flock and help people see Him and shine the Light, but do I do that? No. Why? Because it's too hard? Because it doesn't really matter to me?

God has been changing me. Now when I see people, I'm not looking for the messed up life (because really no one has it all together) I'm looking for the person to see who they really are and what they want and dream. I want to see their passions and I want to know if they know Jesus, because if they don't they are missing out and it is up to us to let them know. God will always show Himself to every single person on this earth. It depends on if that person is looking. You never know, maybe God wants to use you to show Himself to someone. It's time to take up our Cross and live for Him and do what He has told us and called us to do. It is time to get out of ourselves and more in love with Jesus. I am an example. Whether you know it or not, you are too. We are always an example of someone; whether it be Jesus or satan. Who will you be an example of?

Last night I read in this book that we can never really love without God. Why? Because we are incapable of fully and completely loving without Him. Only when He comes to live in us are we able to love truly. I thought that was just Awesome! How great our God truly is! I finish with this, will you care? Will you shine the Light? Will you stand for Jesus Christ when no one else will? These are the questions I ask myself. Lets rock this world for Jesus!!! Have a blessed Thursday!

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  1. My favorite line: 'Let's rock this world for Jesus!!' I'll give that a loud AMEN!!! I loved your post (:
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