In Search of Eden

I finished reading In Search of Eden last night. Wow! This was an amazing book! I have read 2 of her books now and both have been completely worth while.

This story is about a woman who is in search of her daughter that she had given up for adoption when she was a teenager. It is also about a man who is angry with his brother and his wife (you'll find out why when you read the book ;) ) It takes you through the journey of him finding forgiveness and the woman finding Love.

It was a really great book and this is for those out there who love reading a good thriller with romance and telling people about God and finding Him. You can get this book at Amazon which is where I bought it. It is so good and I really recommend it.

Hope you all have a really blessed weekend!!!

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  1. I'd like to read this book. i'l try to fnd it here in Brsil.

    Thnks for visit and enjoy y blog! Your visit and comments make me so happy!



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