Receive It or Leave It

"We have to realize that we cannot earn or win anything from God; we must either receive it as a gift or do without it." - Oswald Chambers

I read this earlier in My Utmost For His Highest. I though whoa, how true is that?!  God is so faithful! In every single thing and He has been teaching me and showing me the last couple of days that there is absolutely nothing I can do to earn His love and grace and forgiveness. It really is either take it or leave it. That's not to say that we should do whatever we want because God will love us anyway because to show our love for Him we must follow Him and His Word, but there isn't anything we can do to earn this love at all.

I had it all wrong, thinking that if I did enough right things God would love me more and that if I failed Him then He would stop loving me and stop forgiving. God has been showing me that I don't know Him as well as I thought I did. He is slowly showing me more and more who He really is. I'm going back through the basics with Him.. sort of having a refreshers course.

Anyway, I just want to tell you that wherever you have been whatever you have done, God loves you! He loves you and wants to forgive you. He longs for you. Repent from your sins and tell Him that you want Him too and then what must we all do? Live our lives for Him and Him alone because at the end of it all He is truly all we have and all that matters. How will you live your life? Who will you live it for? My prayer is that you will take this journey too and live for Christ! Have a blessed night!


  1. So true Smile! I'm glad you are learning of this very gift He gives us. He is a faithful, all loving and forgiving God. All the more reason to strive to become Christ like. So good to be back in blog land and reading your writings again. So refreshing. Blessings of Love, Peace, Joy, Prosperity and Health to you.

  2. So true. Thanks!! I really needed to hear this.
    Keep up the good work.

  3. I really enjoyed this post because its basically how I became a believer. I lived most of my life thinking I was a Christian but really I was trying to be the "perfect Christian" and earn God's love..I continue to struggle with a works based mentality because it was so engrained in me growing up but God is continuing to teach me that His love is so freeing and just a gift that we simple need to receive. Your blog is always encouraging to me, Im very thankful for that!

  4. I am not great at sentence structure or anything because I am totally a math person, so I felt I needed to resay the first line of my comment to you! I didn't become a believer through thinking I had to earn God's love..but it was then that I realized I was not a Christian because I did not have a true relationship and I was just trying to earn it! That was when God completely changed my heart and for that I am eternally grateful! I may not have had to clear that up but I just thought I should write another comment for clarity sake!!


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