"So This Is Christmas"..

So it is Christmas time as you know, how wonderful it is! But you know it can be bittersweet when you are missing the ones you love for whatever reason.. death, broken relationship, fighting in the war, out of state, out of the Country, etc. Right now that's how it is for me. Two people I loved dearly are not on this earth any longer and it can be sad to think about now having them here to celebrate the life (and death and Resurrection) of our precious Savior. But I know that they must be having the most wonderful time in Heaven with Jesus Himself!

Any who, I have been thinking about this. It is kind of irritating that the only time it seems people are nice to one another and everyone gets along and everyone gives is during this time of the year. You can't go to a store without someone asking you if you want to donate to an organization. For clarification I have NO problem with people being nice or giving, that is great and is exactly what followers of Jesus should be doing not to earn God's love but because "faith without works is dead.", however it does sadden me that once Christmas is over and the high of giving is done and gone the world will go back to the way it was and all love and giving and stuff like that will be gone.. or will it?

See sometimes it's easy to be negative. It's easy to see the world and all it's problems.. but you know what? There is good around us too. The mother who though she has no money will be buying her child (or children) the best gifts she possibly can because she wants them to have hope. The family who has had their house burned down not once but twice in less than 30 days apart (yes really!) but is reminded that God works together for their good. The man in the hospital with leukemia who desperately needs healing (and prayers please!!) and will be spending Christmas in a hospital bed yet has all the hope and excitement for the future. These people have not only kept the faith but they are our future! These are the people of God who will change the world.  Will we join them? Will take over the world not for ourselves and not for others but for Christ?

This is truly one of the most wonderful times of the year. As tears fill my eyes it is not just tears of sorrow for the broken and the homeless and the hurting, but tears of joy for the future we have possible because of Jesus. Jesus is the reason for the season, not santa, not presents, not giving, not anything other than Him and who He is. He is enough for us! He is enough for you! And He is certainly enough for me. We have all we need in Him! Thank God!! Praise God!! Have a Merry CHRISTmas and spend time on that special day thinking of all He has done for us, I know I shall be doing so. :) God bless you all! I love you truly!!!

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  1. I know exactly what you're saying! Keep shining for Christ girlie, you're doing an awesome job! =)


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