Do I Know God?

I just finished reading Do I Know God by Tullian Tchividjian and I must say that this book is amazing!!! At first I was kinda hesitant to read it because I didn't want to be told that I don't know God, but I read it anyway because I felt God telling me to and I'm really glad I listened to Him. This book showed me that I honestly do not know God as well as I thought I did.One of my big problems in life has been letting God's love and Word soak into my heart and not just be head knowledge and I've always known that but the Lord used this book to remind me of that.

So anyways, if you've been wondering (and really even if you haven't) if you have a relationship with God or not I strongly suggest you get this book. Tullian puts things very simply, but very profoundly in this book and when I got done with it I almost cried at how God has been using this in my life. There are so many questions that when I got finished with reading it I had answered and some I didn't and now I know that you can't really have faith if you ask why about every single thing (something Tullian points out in this book) because sometimes it just takes saying in faith, "Okay God, I don't get this but You do and You have my back so I'll let You do Your work."

I would definitely call this a must read for anyone who wants their faith to go deeper or to just get started. God bless y'all!!!!


"But Now I See..."

So on Sunday morning at church I watched a video with girls in another country (when the lights went low I got distracted and didn't hear where lol!) These girls were told lies. They would be getting a "job" to just come with them. I've seen many videos like this and it's really easy to get immune to seeing it and thinking, "hey no big deal, right? This is happening all the time. Someone is going to do something." You know what I'm really tired of? People (including myself) sitting down and waiting for others to do what God has told them to do. Anyways, so they end up being sold into sex trafficing. They are beaten, verbally abused, forced to be with these "men". I'm sitting here pretty much about to cry (and at one point I did) watching these girls and listening to this woman talk about how they don't feel they are of any worth because they have been treated so poorly.

It made me think about how I take forgranted so much. I take forgranted having people who love me and respect me, people who have told me who God is and how much He loves me, I take forgranted the compliments I get, the love I'm shown. I was crying the other night telling the Lord how I've been so selfish. I thank God for showing me how wrong I've been. I see now how truly blessed I am. Praise God! :)

So getting back to these girls, I feel like God has placed strongly on my heart to do something. I'm not sure what yet but God will reveal that in due time. My main point in this post is to tell you a few things,
1) God loves you!!! No matter what do not ever forget that!! Despite the things we do; the failures we have, the promises we break, the lies we tell, God still loves us! He just hates the sin. So get rid of it.

2) Don't wait on other people to do what God has told you to do. He made you specifically for a purpose that only you can do and waiting on other people to do His for your life is a waste.

3) Don't take God's blessings in your forgranted. Remember how blessed you are and praise and thank God for them.

Feel free to add any opinions or comments :) God bless!!


Holy Spirit Fire!!

Life has been good lately. Not great though and that has been all my fault. I am not ashamed to say that I lose my way, that I was disobedient and not living for the Lord. Why am I not ashamed? Because God has set me free and saved me from all that! :)

I just got done with the most amazing time with Him. I was crying and confessing my sin and just letting Him be God. And then I tell you one of the most incredible things ever happened in my life!! I got up to go look in the mirror, I'm not really sure why haha, and when I looked for the first time in my life I saw potential in myself. Why? Because I saw a broken, crying girl who has been saved by Jesus. Before I only saw other people who could be used by God but not me. I know that's not right and not believing God since He can use anybody and do whatever He wills in and through people, but for some reason I just never felt that He would want to use me. I felt unworthy. Now I see I am unworthy, yet God does not care He still will use me for His good purposes.

I've been telling some of my friends that I want this year to be the year I find myself in God and I've been praying and God has answered my prayer partially! :) I will share lesson number 1 with you,
No matter how messed up I have been or continue to be if I'm following God, He will still use me. I feel like I have found a new confidence in the Lord and I thank God for the Holy Spirit that fell upon me today. This day I am truly changed. Though it will be a process I look forward to seeing how God will use me and how He will use you. Never think that you can't be used, its an insult to God and who He is. Stay blessed!! :)


Forever Changed

The clouds rolled in,
And the rain fell down,
And all I could feel was
darkness around,
I wept and I prayed,
For it to be taken away,
Then I realized it was I,
who made it like this,
I choose to repent,
To not stay the same,
From this day forward,
I shall remain,
forever changed.



Another poem I wrote earlier today. :) I love y'all!! Be blessed!

Tears that help me grow,
I let them flow,
In the dark of the night,
I somehow find Light,
I know it's You there,
as I sit in despair,
telling me, "Never give up!", "Keep going!",
The tears they stop flowing,
and joy unspeakable comes into my life,
now I'm growing,
and I'm not longer lonely. :)

He Set Me Free

So I figured to start off this new year I should do something creative and fun and put this as my first post as the new me! :) So please take it easy its my first real poem. :)

"He Set Me Free"
I cried
You held all my tears
I was afraid
You held all my fears
I was lonely
You were with me
I'm forgiven
I am loved
And all I can do is praise You, God above
For its through Your power I'm made new
And I'm left saying, "Thank You Father... thank You"

Be blessed!!!!