"But Now I See..."

So on Sunday morning at church I watched a video with girls in another country (when the lights went low I got distracted and didn't hear where lol!) These girls were told lies. They would be getting a "job" to just come with them. I've seen many videos like this and it's really easy to get immune to seeing it and thinking, "hey no big deal, right? This is happening all the time. Someone is going to do something." You know what I'm really tired of? People (including myself) sitting down and waiting for others to do what God has told them to do. Anyways, so they end up being sold into sex trafficing. They are beaten, verbally abused, forced to be with these "men". I'm sitting here pretty much about to cry (and at one point I did) watching these girls and listening to this woman talk about how they don't feel they are of any worth because they have been treated so poorly.

It made me think about how I take forgranted so much. I take forgranted having people who love me and respect me, people who have told me who God is and how much He loves me, I take forgranted the compliments I get, the love I'm shown. I was crying the other night telling the Lord how I've been so selfish. I thank God for showing me how wrong I've been. I see now how truly blessed I am. Praise God! :)

So getting back to these girls, I feel like God has placed strongly on my heart to do something. I'm not sure what yet but God will reveal that in due time. My main point in this post is to tell you a few things,
1) God loves you!!! No matter what do not ever forget that!! Despite the things we do; the failures we have, the promises we break, the lies we tell, God still loves us! He just hates the sin. So get rid of it.

2) Don't wait on other people to do what God has told you to do. He made you specifically for a purpose that only you can do and waiting on other people to do His for your life is a waste.

3) Don't take God's blessings in your forgranted. Remember how blessed you are and praise and thank God for them.

Feel free to add any opinions or comments :) God bless!!


  1. Hiya Beautiful
    How are things?
    I was wondering if you could help me by reading through my new Blog and giving me some feedback.
    I want to know if what I am talking about makes sense and is relevant to young women.
    Love you lots
    Tracey :)


  2. I understand where your coming from! I am a follower of Jesus and I HATE human trafficking myself. I often times cry too-thinking about the girls in those kinds of situations. Thank you for posting! That was a good read!
    Come visit my blog and follow me at:

    Thanks and God Bless!
    Traci (I'm a Traci too. I noticed someone else is "Tracey" as well! That's cool!)


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