Holy Spirit Fire!!

Life has been good lately. Not great though and that has been all my fault. I am not ashamed to say that I lose my way, that I was disobedient and not living for the Lord. Why am I not ashamed? Because God has set me free and saved me from all that! :)

I just got done with the most amazing time with Him. I was crying and confessing my sin and just letting Him be God. And then I tell you one of the most incredible things ever happened in my life!! I got up to go look in the mirror, I'm not really sure why haha, and when I looked for the first time in my life I saw potential in myself. Why? Because I saw a broken, crying girl who has been saved by Jesus. Before I only saw other people who could be used by God but not me. I know that's not right and not believing God since He can use anybody and do whatever He wills in and through people, but for some reason I just never felt that He would want to use me. I felt unworthy. Now I see I am unworthy, yet God does not care He still will use me for His good purposes.

I've been telling some of my friends that I want this year to be the year I find myself in God and I've been praying and God has answered my prayer partially! :) I will share lesson number 1 with you,
No matter how messed up I have been or continue to be if I'm following God, He will still use me. I feel like I have found a new confidence in the Lord and I thank God for the Holy Spirit that fell upon me today. This day I am truly changed. Though it will be a process I look forward to seeing how God will use me and how He will use you. Never think that you can't be used, its an insult to God and who He is. Stay blessed!! :)

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