Don't Wait

I wondered why I couldn't hear God. Had He gone away? Was I just not listening? Did I do something wrong? Was it me? Was it the people I was around? Was it my ears? My heart? Or was it Him?

This was the conversation going through my head during April. Yep, nearly the entire month I spent with these thoughts. I couldn't figure it out. Well let me rephrase that, I knew exactly what was going on after about a week I just didn't want to admit it. Walking in disobedience to God is one of the worst things you can do. My life was completely wrecked by me trying to live my way.

Anyways, so it turned out that the relationship I was in God was not happy with. He told me to let it go but I wanted to hold on so dearly to this person because I loved him. When I finally became obedient to God my life became amazing!! The blessings you get just in your spirit for walking in the ways of the Lord are incredible!!!

A couple things I want to remind you of is 1. If you are disobedient to the Lord, correct your ways now! Don't wait. Your life is so precious and life is too short to wait on things. 2. If you are only being partially obedient, its as bad as being completely disobedient. Give God your all or nothing, but don't be in between. 3. Always remember that no matter what you've done God has forgiven you if you've repented and asked His forgiveness so don't let it hold you back! God has so much more in store for you. The past is just that the past. The present is called the present because it is a gift. :) Don't focus on the things you've done, focus on the things you are doing and give the Lord your all in everything you do.

That was my thoughts tonight. I hope you all had a blessed Wednesday!! i love you all!! Any prayer requests? Leave them in a comment below. Goodnight! :)

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