Being An Example...

So this week I worked V.B.S. at my church. Oh what a blessing it was!! God is faithful in everything He does and has a purpose and plan throughout it all.

I had a nice reminder this week to go along with all of that. Because at V.B.S. you are around a bunch of little ones it important to keep guard on your mouth and keep watch over your actions. Children are very impressionable and the way we act can have large impacts on how they act as well.

It's the same way the people who are babies in Christ. I know this because when I had just gotten saved I was trying to figure out what pleased God and what didn't. When I thought I had figured some stuff out, someone who I felt was more mature in the faith and who I looked up to would do something not right and then I would go and do the same thing because I figured it was alright since this great follower of Jesus did it. As I've matured in Christ and become confident in Him I've found that now people look at me and watch to see what I do. Like it or not, people are probably doing the same thing with you and either way you are representing the Lord in every single thing you do and if you say or do something wrong and don't acknowledge it as wrong and repent, but continue doing it, you are leading someone astray more than likely.

James 3:9 says, "With it (the tongue) we bless our God and Father, and with it we curse men, who have been made in the likeness of God." What it's saying is, we praise Jesus with our tongue and sing and worship Him, but we use this same tongue to hurt our brothers and sisters who have been made in His image. Why? When we hurt others we hurt Christ. Ears listen to the things we say. We are representing Jesus Christ and how we talk is one powerful thing (though actions are always more powerful in my opinion but that's a topic for a different day haha). When we say something ugly or mean chances are someone will pick that up and start doing the same thing because it seems okay.

My point and encouragement in all this is for you to be the best example of Christ you can be. To be aware of how you act and talk and be mindful that people are watching you to see if you are for real or if you are fake. Live according to His Word and you will be fine. Bless you.

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  1. that was convicting.. I know I've been a Christian for almost 3 years.. I grew up in Church, and in Junior Bible Quiz.. and never got in trouble with the law. And well, I'd say what I've gotten in trouble for the most, has been my mouth. There wasn't hardly any discipline in the home. My dad never stood his ground or took authority. I'm 17 now, and I really wish things were different than they are.. I've told my mom I wished there was more discipline.. I dread when I become a parent. I don't want to be too strict to make up for something this home lacked. But that's another story..
    Anyways, thanks for posting. (:
    and pray I learn more on how to guard my mouth.. it's a powerful thing, and I don't want to misuse it like I used to.


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