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So a lovely blogger (go check out her blog!) posted a comment on yesterday's post saying that she's heard a lot about the don't of dating, but not much about what to do, like who to date, what to look for, and how they should treat you. So I thought today would be a good time to about it. :)

Okay through my experience I will tell you a little of what I have learned. First off, he or she must love Jesus. If they do not then as a follower of Christ it is best to let that person be. The Bible is clear to not be yoked together with unbelievers. Plus their priorities need to be right and if God is not first in their life then you need to not date them because they are our brother or sister before they are our potential boyfriend or girlfriend.

Second thing, if a guy or girl can't respect you... leave them. As my pastor and I talked about, the main thing girls (guys too but girls really need to hear this) is they must respect you. If they can't respect you and the beautiful person God created you as, then they do NOT deserve you. I should have lived by that when I was dating. Had I, then the wounds I have would not be there more than likely.

Thirdly, make sure God is at the center of the relationship. If God is not at the center of your relationship you need to change that. If only one person is willing to be completely surrendered to God seeking His will and not their own then you probably need to break up until you are both mature enough to make that commitment.

As I said yesterday, it is best to have a time of singleness to prepare yourself for a relationship that may lead to marriage. Prepare yourself to be the kind of person you would want in a mate and pray about the kind of person you want. And pray for them too because while you may not know who they are God does and He answers prayers faithfully! :) Stay blessed.

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  1. Thanks for the "Dating Dos.." (:
    Although I already knew them, it's nice to have them repeated. (:
    My grandparents have always told me to "pray for the one you may one day marry..." and that advice has helped. but it would've been nicer if my mom would've told me that growing up. It's a little frustrating, because I know I should be praying for him, but it never seemed to be too important to my mom. I mean she never talked about it. and if she did, I would have started the conversation... and it never lasted very long either.
    It's heartbreaking, marriage is a sacred thing.. and I want to keep it that way.


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